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Great mystics, and theologians say that everything is vibration –which can influence it’s environment. Over the ages, it has been said that the planets in Outer Space influence various areas of our Individual Life’s Cycle.

Planetary influences can affect our emotions in relationships, self-expression, our life approach, and more.

Let’s check out the planet Venus, and its energies.

Venus Planet Illustration


The energy of the planet Venus evokes the enjoyment ones surroundings, material pleasures, and harmonious relationships.

Keywords associated with this planet would be:

  • warmth
  • abundance
  • love
  • luxury
  • beauty
  • passion

Venus planetary energy can effect our emotional interests, including our ability to intellectualize our emotions and express them. It also may effect our general vitality.

If someone is fairly balance with Venus’ influences, then this person would be warm, loving, and fairly healthy. One would show an ability to love in a way that is healthy, as well as be loved.

Overtly physical, strong sexual drive, excessive indulgence of eating and drinking may be signs a negative inversion of this planets energy. There may even be aggression, or brutality.

What if someone is nearly uninfluenced by Venus’ planetary energies? Such a person may appear inanimated, cold, may even be lacking vital energy and/or prone to illness.

taurus libraZodiac signs Libra, and Taurus are both ruled by Venus. Also, it rules the 2nd house which reveals attitudes such as security, possessiveness, money, business relationships

Archangel Haniel is the ruling Angel for the Venus.

The Palm GlyphsIn Palm Reading, the mount of Venus is located on the fleshy area next to the thumb. Additionally, the heart line, the first line just under the fingers, is connected to this planets energies as well.

3 The EmpressIn Tarot Cards and Astrology, the ‘3 – Empress’ of the Major Arcana is quite often interpreted to represent the planetary energy of Venus.


Through your Will Power, you can affect planetary influences by changing your own vibration. For example, in Palmistry, the lines on the hands change throughout our lifetime.

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