Pug ~ Poised, playful, with dignity all intact!

Quick Facts

Country of Origin: China
Era of Origin: Over 2,400 years ago
Original Use: lap dog, companion
Today’s Use: lap dog, companion
Life Expectancy: 12-15 years

AKC Group: Toy
Size: Small
Height: 10-12 inches
Weight: 14-18 pounds

Feeding: 1 out of 4
Coat Care: 1 out of 4


China is known for their miniature sized breeds and the Pug is one of them. The Pug is known by a few other names such as Mopshond or Mops, and Carlin. The word ‘pug’ is Latin for fist. Does the face of a Pug dog resemble a fist? Facial wrinkles were a very important breed feature in China. In 1886 many Pugs were brought to England from China. In 1885, this breed was recognized by the AKC. Today, Pugs remain a very popular pet throughout American and the world.


The Pugs expression is alert, curious, and soft. They have a flat face with deep wrinkles. The ears are small, thin, soft, velvety, and set high. Typically, the Pug has strong and straight legs, tightly twisted tail. Its gait is jubilant, and strong. Its body is square, compact, and a bit chubby. This dogs coat is fine, smooth, and very short.

Coat varieties are silver, apricot, and black.


Pugs have a delightful personality that is dignified, yet playful. This dog breed is strong willed, a bit forceful, but rarely aggressive. They are affectionate to their family, and make an awarding and fun companion.


Minimal exercise is required for this dog. Pugs should have least 25 minutes of exercise per day. A walk around the neighborhood should suffice or a game indoors. These little guys tend to get overweight without enough exercise.

Due to their short nose, this breed does not do well in humidity or hot weather. Vigorous exercise should be kept to a minimum.


Since they have very short hair, their grooming needs are very minimal. You can brush them once per week and wipe their body with a damp towel. This will keep their coat smooth and shiny.

It’s important to clean within the folds of their skin.


Overall, this is a healthy breed. They can be prone to a few minor health concerns like elongated palette, stenotic nares, patellar luxation, Legg – Perthes, and entropion.

It’s a good idea to have their skin and eyes examined regularly.

To summarize,

Although quite ancient, this breed remains very popular in modern times. This breed is like a big dog in a small package. They have robust, opinionated, yet loving personalities. Their coats are soft, and short. Theyneed minimal exercise and are very easy to groom.

If you’re thinking about getting a Pug for your family; you would be making an excellent choice. They do well with children, seniors, or for those living the single life.

Pug - Silver

Pug – Silver

Pug - Apricot

Pug – Apricot

Pug - Black

Pug – Black

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