Money Energy Exchange

Wealth and AbundanceMoney is an exchange of energy.

Additionally, money is God in manifestation as freedom from want and limitation.

…“love of money is the root of all evil.” Money in itself, is good and beneficial, but used for destructive purposes, hoarded and saved, or considered more important than love, brings disease and disaster, and the loss of the money itself. Follow the path of love, and all things are added, for God is love, and God is supply; follow the path of selfishness and greed, and the supply vanishes, or man is separated from it.
— Excerpt from ‘The Game of Life and How to Play It’
by Shinn, Florence Scovel

If we believe that we are co-creators; then nearly every action we take can be related to the methodology of the creative process .

The first step in any creative process is to begin with the end result in mind.

  • “Why do I want money?”
  • “Why do I want people to give me money?”
  • “What will the money that I receive be used for?”

Most of us would like money to use to pay a mortgage, dining out and a nice tip, payments for that new car, vacation with a nice place to stay, etc.

However, there is a better question that we should ask ourselves instead.

  • “How can I make peoples lives better?”
  • “Is there a product or service out there that I believe would improve peoples lives?”
    • “If, not, then is there something create something?”

This is where you may begin to feel happy about what you are actually doing.

When we begin to think about how we may contribute to the lives others, it is very useful to be able to understand the multidimensional laws of the universe. I would recommend ‘The 11 Forgotten Laws‘. A few years ago uploaded the audio files onto my iPhone and I would listen to them over and over again, until I could relate to all of them and recall them during everyday life situations. It helped me immensely to feel better and understand how to treat others better.

 Money and Astrology

Upon examination of the wisdom of astrology, there are certain times of the year that correspond with receiving abundance or money. These special times of the year closely correlate with the energy of the earth. The earth’s energy is abundance and perfect nurturance through recognition.

Try and recognize actions that you can take that relate to the qualities for the time of year.

Taurus – April/May


  • Harmony
  • Resourcefulness
  • True and sincere meaning or value
  • Beauty
  • Transformation
  • Non-attachment (Law of Detachment)

Virgo – August/September


  • Meaningful service
  • Analyzing
  • Communicative
  • Wisdom
  • Devotion
  • Tolerance
  • Discernment

Capricorn – December/January


  • Organization
  • Action oriented
  • Purpose
  • Tangible
  • Initiative
  • Systematic

Abundance Angels

Many angelologists (the study of angels) believe that there are literally billions of angels. And each one, like us, has a special purpose. Some angels are particularly great at assisting us in feeling abundance, recognizing abundance, and receiving more abundance

Archangel Barakiel

  • Is typically depicted as laughing or smiling angel.
  • He can assist us in removing negative energy and create space for more positive energy.

Archangel Raphael

  • Widely known as the angel of healing. Healing is abundance, and abundance is healing.
  • Raphael can assist us in healing all areas of our lives so that we may begin to feel better. Feeling good is one of the easiest ways begin to receive abundance.

Archangel Raziel

  • It is said that Raziel knows all of the ‘secrets’ of the universe.
  • He can assist in helping us to manifest faster by helping us to understand what some of these ‘secrets’ are how how to apply them in our lives.
Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel

  • Gabriel is known as the angel of the moon.
  • She can assist us in recognizing our hidden potential. Not just in who we are, but also the hidden potential of creative projects.

Archangel Chamuel

  • Chamuel or camel is absolutely great in assisting us in our ability to realize an alternate perspective.
  • The universe is multidimensional and understanding something from a different perspective can sometimes make a big difference in our lives.

Archangel Michael

  • Michael is like a great warrior. He can assist in keeping away negative energy.
  • He is also great with moving energy, breaking down barriers, and opening up channels of communication.
  • Since human being are co-creators communication and movement of energy is very important.


Once you begin to care about how you can sincerely contribute to others, and start sharing this with people more abundance (money)  will naturally come to you.

This is where knowing your life purpose can help tremendously. When we are following our purpose, we are following our true nature. If we look practically anywhere we can plainly see that nature is abundance, generous, harmony.