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Planetary Energy

Great mystics, and theologians say that everything is vibration –which can influence it’s environment. Over the ages, it has been said that the planets in Outer Space influence various areas of our Individual Life’s Cycle.

Planetary influences can affect our emotions in relationships, self-expression, our life approach, and more.

Let’s check out the planet Mars, and its energies.

Mars Planet IllustrationMars

The planet Mars is all about activity, resourcefulness, and commanding it’s environment. It can influence the way we go about and accomplish stuff as individuals.

Keywords associated with this planet would be:

  • courage
  • enthusiasm
  • military
  • assertiveness
  • confidence
  • aggression

Mars planetary energy can give us the courage and confidence to think of an outer goals, have faith in our abilities, and, most importantly, take proper actions to bring such goals into material actualization.

One who has a mild or low influence by this planet may appear free-spirited, might be easily swayed, or even manipulated. They may also be fairly introverted and of fewer words, or even-tempered.

A being with a strong Mars influence might be overtly-powerful, ill-tempered, and easily irritable. Individuals may even be violent, and possibly see people as more like objects. They may also be highly sexed.

People who have some degree of Mars influence may to well in career fields that are fast paced, highly organized, and a bit dangerous such as medical field or military.

AriesScorpioAstrological signs Aries, and Scorpio are ruled by Mars. It also rules the 1st house, which reveals ones temperament, personality, and attitude about life in general.

16 Change Your LifeArchangel Chamuel is the ruling Angel for the planet Mars. He is always up for looking at things within a potentially unobvious perspective.

The Palm GlyphsIn Palm Reading, the mount of Mars is located near the beginning of the Head Line, between the thumb and Jupiter finger.  Some palmists recognize upper, lower, inner, and outer plains of the Mars mount.

When it comes to Tarot Cards and Astrology, the ’16 – Tower’ of the Major Arcana is quite often interpreted to represent the planetary energy of Mars.

The key to balancing Mars’ influences is to find middle ground. Have the confidence to believe that things will faithfully fall into place as they should. Discover the necessary intellect to resolve conflicts, and maintain peace within yourself, and with those around you.

Often, our ability to have the courage and endurance that we need comes more steadily when we are equipped with deeper understanding.


Through your Will Power, you can affect planetary influences by changing your own vibration.

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Archangel Power Tarot Card Credits: © 2013 Doreen Virtue & Radeligh Valentine (authors), Jeff Bedrick (artist)

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