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The hand shapes can be translated into elements. Most people dominantly relate to one hand shape or element, and can be a percentage of another hand shape or element.


Have you ever heard of the saying, “The four corners of the world?”

Well, this is referring to the four elements: Fire, Air, Earth, and Water

There is also the saying, “As above; so below, as within; so without.”


If your palm is long, and your fingers are short; then you’re a fire hand.

If your palm is long, and your fingers are long; then you’re a water hand.

If your palm is square, and your fingers are short; then you’re an earth hand.

If your palm is square, and your fingers are long; then you’re an air hand.


There is a special way to measure for accuracy.

Fire Hand

Fire hands are magnetic people who lead very active lives. They love variety and change, and can be very intense. Sometimes, fire hands can have issues with intolerance, impulsiveness, jealousy, and lack for details.

Fire hands tend to make great sales people, business owners, and athletes.

Earth Hand

Earth hand people are all about security, practicality, routine, and order. Earth hands can have problems with being slow, over-demanding, egotistical, boring and stubborn.

Earth hands make great managers, or engineers, and they love anything that allows them to be outdoors.

Air Hand

Do you know someone who is very studious, philosophical, obsesses with information, and freedom-loving? They are probably an air hand. Air hands are communicative, and want to know a little bit about everything. Negative aspects of air hands would be uncertainty, quickly bored, and sometimes low confidence,

Air hand people make great broadcasters, writers, directors, and speakers.

Water Hand

Water hands are all about emotion, sensitivity, being refined and peaceful. Water hands may have some issues with defensiveness, moodiness, too much solitude, and too much involvement with other people issues.

Water hand people make the best designers, caretakers, and counselors.


Understanding your hand shape can help with making personal breakthroughs and overcome bad habits that can hold us back.

I’m about 80% Fire and 20% Water. Learning my hand shape really helped me to have even more self-confidence. This enabled me to pursue my dream even more strongly.

Sometimes our biggest battles are internal ones.

Which hand shape are you?

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