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This reading is specifically for all iMega Happy GUESTS.

For every reading say a prayer for divine protection and divine insight.

I also invoke light and love energy into all cards.

These steps are all important in-order to bring light and love to everyone involved in the reading.

What’s New Moon Oracle?

With each new moon cycle, where the moon is dark, brings a period of gestation,  and can reveal hidden potential.

Gestation means, how long it takes to see the actual result of something. …How long it takes for a tiny seed to become a little green bud after it is planted.

These New Moon Oracle free readings may shed light upon outer affects, hidden potential, and possible result!

For additional power and insight, I’ve included multiple decks for specific reasons. Learn more after this reading!

The moon can have some effects on our bodies, and outer environment. Most people are familiar with the idea that the moon’s phases effects our oceans tides. Our bodies are contain 60-70% water. Additionally, Masaru Emoto, author of Hidden Messages from Water, discovered that when water is frozen in different environments, it’s crystals can look very different.

Tarot Cards, Divination, and Angel energy can empower us by bringing forth hidden messages.

March 1st – 29th 2014

Outer Affects

Archangel Angel Tarot Backside 3 CardsQueen of Raphael – There is a gentle, yet distinct energy within our atmosphere that calls for withdrawal, and careful reflection. The need to distinguish between the voice of our mind, verses the voice of our hearts is in the air. Remember that heavenly friends are lovingly available to assist. It seems as though there is a quiet calling for us to make decisions soon. As Spring will be upon us shortly, over the next few weeks many of us may begin thinking on how we might go about tackling the annual spring cleaning, and just what type of garden we may want to cultivate for this year. We may feel energies that strengthens our sense of determination, and confidence. We may also feel a need for family, home life, and communion. Now may be a great time to choose to become active, busy, and passionate or become more still with contemplation.

Keywords: innovative, caring, wise, old soul, intellect, balance, new opportunities, calm emotions, birth, determination, intuition, stillness

Angel Affirmation: ‘I invite Angel Machidiel into my life. I give Angel Machidiel permission to assist me. Thank you, Angel Machidiel.’ [Mmah-chi-dee-el]

Secret Power

Archangel Angel Tarot Four of Raphael4 of Raphael – There is a special empowering energy available during this New Moon phase that can strengthen our ability to break through obstacles by seeing them from an alternative perspective. While what we have learned from Last Year is still fresh we can pull together past experiences because since we are, now, wiser and more mature. Often, if we can, simply, remember to have fun magical things start to happen. Have faith in the beyond, and be open to heavenly assistance.

Keywords: break illusions, wise, understanding, all directions open, reflection, prior experience, fun, magic

Angel Affirmation: ‘I invite Archangel Chamuel into my life. I give Archangel Chamuel permission to assist me. Thank you, Archangel Chamuel.’


Archangel Angel Tarot Backside 3 CardsKing of Raphael – We can open up to receive complete support, especially with heavenly assistance. Behold laughter, abundance, beautiful surroundings, and grand blessings. This is due to all of the deep contemplation regarding decision making, and utilizing our empowering ability to accept an alternate perspective. Many doors become open, when we infuse positive thought with emotion. There is more than enough abundance, and generosity. We may have confidence that any needed ‘inheritance’ will come to us at the right time by Divine Right.

Keywords: laughter, reflect, refined, intellect, emotions, transformation, end of a cycle, pleasure, blessings, beauty.

Angel Affirmation: ‘I invite Archangel Barakiel into my life. I give Archangel Barakiel permission to assist me. Thank you, Archangel Barakiel.’ [bah-raw-kee-yel]

Extra Insight

Happy Surprises – Expect good and magical things to come your way.

Keywords: child-like demeanor, aspirations, innocent wonder, make believe

Ready, Set, Go! – Discover and embrace your hearts desire.

Keywords: warm, new opportunities, blue, green, purple

Lucky Numbers – 11, 22, 3, 8

Keywords: extra intuitive, balanced, self-expression, magic, justice, ancient knowledge

Chosen Decks & Their Energy:

Archangel Tarot Cards

 Archangel Power Tarot Cards

  • Suit of Gabriel – In astrology, Archangel Gabriel is the ruling Angel for ‘Luna’, the Earth’s moon.
  • Suit of Raphael – This particular suit symbolizes  the element of water. Our moon is deeply connected to the tides of our oceans and seas.

Romance Angels Oracle CardsRomance Angels Oracle Cards

  • Romance Angels work to help all people on Earth to experience love. The Moon’s energies are often compared to a loving mother. This deck adds extra love and tenderness to our reading. Mother’s feminine energy is protective, powerful, and wants abundance for all.

Archangel Raphael Oracle Cards

Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards

  • In astrology, Archangel Raphael is the ruling Angel of the Sun.
  • His energies are a great aid for balance. Also, at times, healing and balance are needed and go hand in hand.

Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards

Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards

  • Unicorns are deeply connected to the Moons energies because they are highly intuitive elemental creatures. Unicorns tend to be more active a night, especially when there is a full moon.
  • Unicorns work as a team with the Angelic Realm

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Card by Doreen VirtueMagical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards

  • Similar to unicorns, Mermaids are very sensitive to our Moon’s energies.
  • Most mermaid dwell at a rate of vibration that is too high for most human beings to connect with.
  • There energies may provide further insight and help us to manifest more positively.

Photo Credit: Tino Smith, – All Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue; Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

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