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Clean Face: Rubbing Alcohol, Virgin Olive Oil, Aloe Vera Gel

Would you like to thoroughly clean your face without taking a whole shower or making a mess?

Try these 5 fuss-free steps!

I, personally, use this method and I enjoy it. I can thoroughly clean my face without literally washing my face and getting water all over the sink. I also use this regimen to remove makeup before bed as an alternative to a shower.

I wouldn’t recommend this for a daily regimen. I have never done this any more than three days in a row.  I would recommend limiting this treatment to a maximum of 3-4 days per week, and (if necessary) no more than 2-3 days in a row.

Check out my 2 optional, additional steps.

Also, see staple products, including an alternative product. 🙂

What you will need:

  • clean face cloth
  • warm/hot water
  • several cotton balls
  • 70% (or less) rubbing alcohol
  • olive oil,  2-3 teaspoons
  • aloe vera gel

Check… check… and check!


Here’s what to do:

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1. Wash your hands

  • Afterwards, I usually leave the hot water on so that it may heat up for a later step.

Rubbing Alcohol2. Alcohol soaked cotton balls

  • Using an alcohol soaked cotton ball, whip your whole face.
  • The cotton ball should be soaked, but not dripping.
  • When the cotton ball gets too dirty, use a new one.
  • Use gentle, minimal pressure.
  • If you do not wish to use cotton balls, you may use an additional clean face cloth.
  • Please avoid the eye, mouth, nostrils, and inner ear areas!
  • If the vapors cause a burning sensation with your eyes, stop and fan your eyes with your hand until in subsides. If it is too uncomfortable, feel free to skip this step entirely.

Olive Oil3. Olive Oil Massage

  • Pour the olive oil into your cupped palm, or a small bowl.
  • Scoop it up onto two fingers, and rub it onto your entire face.
  • Be sure to get your eyebrows, and don’t be afraid to get the olive oil onto your hairline.  Olive oil is okay around the eye area, although try not to get any onto your actual eyeball!
  • Olive oil is also great for the lips!
  • Continue massaging the olive oil and working in into your skin for up to 2 minuets.
  • If you really want to clean eye area with the olive oil, you may want to do one eye at a time during the next step. Just keep you eye shut, massage a small amount of olive oil into your eye, then wipe thoroughly, while keeping your gently eye shut. (see next step)

face towels4. Soothing Heat

  • With warm/hot water wet a clean face cloth
  • Wring out excess water
  • Whip your face and remove all the olive oil from your whole face.
  • Be sure to whip your hairline, eye area, corners of your nose, ear area, lips, and under your chin/neck area.
  • We want to remove all traces of excess oil.

Aloe Vera Plant5. Aloe Vera Gel Moisturize

  • Squeeze a nickle size amount of Aloe Vera gel into your palm
  • Gently rub your palms together
  • Rub your palms and the gel onto your entire face
  • Use more gel, if needed.
  • Skin tends to absorb only a limited amount of Aloe Vera gel, compared to lotion. So, start out with less than what you think you would need.
  • If you get too much, try rubbing it into your hands.
  • For additional absorption, try drying your face at the beginning of this step.

Optional Additional Steps: Acne, and Dark Spots

Face Cream6. Acne Face Lotion

  • Squeeze a generous quarter size amount of product onto your palm
  • Using 1-2 fingers, rub the Acne Facial Moisturizer into your skin, covering your whole face.
  • If you have any breakouts, squeeze a small amount of product unto the tip of your finger, and apply it directly onto and around any pimples.

face blemish7. Dark Spot Treatment

  • Apply product to your whole face to even your overall skin tone.


  • Apply to any stubborn dark spots


  • Aloe Vera gel is helpful for treating certain tender pimples known as nodules. Salicylic acid doesn’t seem to work for this type of acne.
  • Over time, rubbing alcohol can help to treat stubborn blackheads.
  • In a hurry, but Want to do all 7 Steps?
    • After step 1, Squeeze all 3 products into your palm at once, gently mix with your finger, then apply to your face!
    • Although, I think this regimen works best if the products are used one at a time.

iShare: My Staple Products!

Trader Joe's 99% Pure Aloe Vera Gel

Trader Joe’s 99% Pure Aloe Vera Gel

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Face Lotion

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Face Lotion

Ambi Fade Cream

Ambi Fade Cream

Sea Breeze Astringent

Sea Breeze Astringent

Sea Breeze Astringent – Makes a great alternative product  to the the rubbing alcohol. Sea Breeze is great for removing facial dirt and oils, and it is fairly in expensive.

Photo credits: washing hands: William Stadler; brunette woman illustration: Constantina Dirica; rubbing alcohol dispenser: Keith Syvinski, olive oil: Pawel Kryj; face towels: Marcelo Moura; aloe vera plant: Dora Pete; blemish face: Kinsey; face cream: Alicia Solario;

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